Finding a Way Home 2017

The digital version of these paintings were originally created in 2010. At that time I was still only experimenting with canvas prints and was pretty clueless on how the prints would look. I had two pieces printed and they both came out darker then expected, I still liked it though and had it stretched and hung. My method of sealing and protecting the print was still non-existent so over time they Version 2 acquired a few scratches and paint chips and I retired it to closet until further notice. Version 1 was sold to a friend who at the beginning of 2017 asked me to fix it up as it also had acquired some damage.

Was lucky to have an opportunity to be part of a group show earlier this year at The Super Wonder Gallery with a fitting theme, so I took Version 2 out and  worked over it with my improved skills. I am pretty satisfied with the end result. Enjoy.

“Finding a Way Home V2”, 40×20 inches, Acrylic on canvas print with custom frame. Available for SALE

“Finding a Way Home V1”, 40×20 inches, Acrylic on canvas print with a floater frame. SOLD

Here is the original digital painting.