Street Musician

A study I did back in November 2014 using a software called “Verve”. A strange little painting software that utilizes a physics engine to simulate the paint. I have not used it in a while so I am not sure where it is at in development, but you can download it here and try it out for your self. One thing though is that you will need a beast of a computer to paint on a high-resolution canvas. At default it runs at the resolution of your screen, which is low quality for print but can be used as a base for a higher resolution painting in other software. Reference photo found on google image search. I am having a hard time finding it so if anyone of you comes across it, please be so kind to send me the link so that I can give a shout out to the photographer for the great picture to work from.

I gave my self a 10 hour limit on this and this is what I got.